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Bonnie Holmes Original Skin Crème

Bonnie Holmes Original Skin Crème
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Product Description

When this Crème is used, the skin returns more closely to its original state. The overall texture of the skin changes and superficial wrinkles seem to disappear! The ORIGINAL SKIN CRÈME provides the most effective way to increase the overall metabolism in the skin at its lower layers: this stimulus leads to newer, younger appearing skin. The ORIGINAL SKIN CRÈME achieves its continual exfoliation effect with the use of Glycolic Acid in its most concentrated - yet safest - solution. Studies have now demonstrated that lower percentages of the alpha hydroxy acids (of which Glycolic Acid is one) used consistently over longer periods of time are realizing the greatest gain in the overall improvement of the health and appearance of the skin. The unique properties of the unusual, yet high-end ingredients give the ORIGINAL SKIN CRÈME its gel-like appearance - it is incredibly light, yet feels supportive. Any skin-type* will benefit from using the ORIGINAL SKIN CRÈME, which makes it an exciting addition to any regime. Not recommended for persons with roseacea.