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The patented Body Buddy™ Lotion Applicator

Body Buddy Lotion Applicator
Body Buddy Lotion ApplicatorBody Buddy Lotion ApplicatorBody Buddy Lotion Applicator
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Product Description

The award-winning lotion applicator "band" provides the extra reach necessary to apply skincare products to one's own back and any other hard-to-reach area. Use the non-absorbent lotion applicator to apply sunscreen, apply aloe to soothe sunburned skin, apply sunless tanner effortlessly to the back. This unique personal care product makes independent topical application of every skin care product easy and possible, even to hard-to-reach areas of the back and body. Place a small amount of product on the applicator, flip over shoulder, grab handles, and move back and forth like drying off. Need to clean your Body Buddy? No problem. An occasional machine wash will do. Tumble dry low.